3D Augmented Reality Books For Kids | Augmented Reality Children's Books
Delight your child with a wonderful gift that will give unforgettable emotions!

  PEAR educational books look like ordinary books: bright, funny, and colorful images. But inside all the pictures come to life: after pointing the tablet and (or) smart phone at the image, it turns into a living object, with which you can play, run, talk, sing, and dance!

      Thanks to the three-dimensional image, learning becomes an interesting adventure. This is a great combination of business and pleasure, your child will not only play but also learn.

      3D augmented reality books for kids become a real magic, they can view the picture from all sides and carefully examine the details. Objects literally come to life in it as if by magic.

     Children show curiosity when it comes to inventing various games and fun activities. Guide your child to explore the pearbooks and take up reading as a new hobby!

How to encourage love for books in your child?

Nowadays, there is an obvious trend that most children prefer to entertain themselves with smartphones and tablets, unfairly ignoring books. Parents wonder, how to ignite an interest in their child to read books? Paper books have been the universal source of knowledge. However, advanced information technologies offer new formats, which can unfold curiosity in children, and at the same time satisfy parents’ expecations, that their children start reading.

       Learning gets pleasant and beneficial at the same time for kids. Gift your child a pleasant present to bring unforgettable emotions.

           To dive into the fascinating world of augmented reality, you will need any product from PEAR, printed books, a mobile device on the Android or iOS platform, and a specially developed application. The PEAR application can be downloaded for free at Play Market or App Store.

      The main difference of these coloring books is the ability to make the characters come to life! The characters revive and come off the pages the colors you color them with. This is very interesting and exciting.

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